Q: Can I bring more guests?

A: We have packages that are for 6, 8 and 20 guests. Choose the one that best suits your needs. You own children do not count as guests if they are standing with you. 


​Q: Can you provide us with witnesses?

A: YES. We can provide witnesses for $25 each 

​Q: What is your masking policy?

A: In accordance with government regulations, guests must be masked while inside our Winter Wedding Venue. The happy couple will remove their masks during their vows. If your wedding is at our outdoor venue, only those that are un-vaccinated must wear masks while in The Pavilion. Everyone can unmask for photos outside at both venues. 

​Q: What about vaccine passports? How does that affect our wedding?

A: If you are in the Winter Wedding Venue, everyone must show proof of vaccination and a photo ID to match. 

Q: When do you expect to resume weddings inside City Hall

A: We have a new indoor venue while City Hall is undergoing renovations. It's a heritage building and decorated beautifully!


Q: How long is the ceremony?

A: About 5 minutes. Short and Sweet!


Q: What is your refund policy?

​A: If you cancel up to 60 days before your wedding, we provide a 50% refund. 

If you cancel within 60 days of your wedding, we do not offer any refund.


Q: do I need to book a room/venue and also an officiant?

A: No. Our packages include both.

Q: Can I bring my own photographer?

A: NO. Only our staff photographer is permitted.

You cannot bring your own photographer.

You can't even sneak them in by saying they are a "friend". 

Photos are included in our Simple Sweet Sharable Wedding

Choose this option if you'd like photos. 

Your guests can, of course, take photos with their phones.


Q: How much is a wedding?

A: Our packages start at just $350


Q: Do I need a marriage license? 

A: YES. Here’s how you do it:
Go to any City or Town Hall in Ontario, fill out a form. 
They charge a fee. The prices vary from place to place. You can shop around. 
No matter where you get your license in Ontario you can use it for your wedding in Kingston. 


Q: How do I change my name?

A: You need your marriage certificate to change your name.

You can order your certificate 8 weeks after your wedding. 

We will send you email instructions on how to do this, after your wedding


Q: do I sign my new name on the documents? 

A: No. Your name will not change until you have the official marriage certificate. See above.


Q: What time should I arrive for my wedding?

A: We do our very best to start on time. Arriving a few minutes early is always a good idea as we have contact tracing and a Covid checklist for everyone to complete




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