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Q: Can I bring more guests?

A: We have packages that are for 6, 8 and 20 guests. Choose the one that best suits your needs. You own children do not count as guests if they are standing with you. 


​Q: Can you provide us with witnesses?

A: YES. We can provide witnesses for $25 each 

​Q: What is your policy on vaccinations?

A: Everyone, including the happy couple, must be vaccinated at your wedding. 

​Q: What about vaccine passports? How does that affect our wedding?

A: Everyone must show proof of vaccination and a photo ID to match. 

Q: When do you expect to resume weddings inside City Hall?

A: We don't know. Wish we did! We are outdoors, rain or shine at Newlands Pavilion until City Hall is open again for events. 


Q: How long is the ceremony?

A: About 5 minutes. Short and Sweet!


Q: What is your refund policy?

​A: If you cancel up to 60 days before your wedding, we provide an 80% refund. 

If you cancel within 60 days of your wedding, we do not offer any refund.

Q: What if Covid makes it unsafe to have my wedding?

A: If, due to Covid, we have to cancel your wedding, we will offer you the choice of either a full refund or a booking at a later date.


Q: do I need to book a venue and also an officiant?

A: No. Our packages include both and some decor

Q: Can I bring my own photographer?

A: NO. Only our staff photographer is permitted.

You cannot bring your own photographer.

Please don't try to sneak them in by saying they are a "friend". That won't work. Choose a package with photos or have your guests use their cell phones for your photos. 


Q: How much is a wedding?

A: Our packages start at just $350


Q: Do I need a marriage license? 

A: YES. Here’s how you do it:
Go to any City or Town Hall in Ontario, fill out a form. 
They charge a fee. The prices vary from place to place. You can shop around. 
No matter where you get your license in Ontario you can use it for your wedding in Kingston. 


Q: How do I change my name?

A: You need your marriage certificate to change your name.

You can order your certificate 8 weeks after your wedding. 

We will send you email instructions on how to do this, after your wedding


Q: do I sign my new name on the documents? 

A: No. Your name will not change until you have the official marriage certificate. See above.


Q: What time should I arrive for my wedding?

A: We do our very best to start on time. Arriving a few minutes early is always a good idea as we have contact tracing and check vaccine passports, etc. 




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