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Pop Up Wedding - 20 guests 

Short ceremony

Includes venue and officiant 
20 guests + you two + your little kids
1 Hr of Professional Photos indoors and outside on the waterfront

Fresh, seasonal  flowers for you both 

(florist's choice, not customizable)
35 Digital Images to share 
​$1200 Total
$ 600 deposit required to book
Pay $600 at your wedding​​​​


International Wedding

Short ceremony

Includes venue and officiant

8 guests + you two + your little kids 

1 Hr of Professional Wedding Photos indoors and outdoors on the waterfront

30 Digital Images to share

​We obtain your proof of marriage document quickly (in 3 weeks vs the usual 6 months)

Referral to an immigration consultant


$250 deposit required to book

​Pay $500 at your wedding

Historic City Hall with soaring 24 foot ceilings and stained glass windows, located on the waterfront.




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If you are doing an immigration application, choose the INTERNATIONAL PACKAGE


Newlands Pavilion, our 2024 outdoor venue, located on the waterfront.

​​City Hall Weddings Kingston

​​​​​Simple Wedding​

Short ceremony.

Includes  venue and officiant 

6 guests + you two & your kids 

DIY pics with cell phones 

​$350 Total

$100 deposit required to book

Pay $250 at your wedding

You may NOT bring a photographer.

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Simply Sweet Sharable Wedding

Simple ceremony. 

Includes venue and officiant

8 guests + you two + your little kids

1 Hr of Professional Photos inside and outdoors on the waterfront

30 Digital Images to share 

​$600 Total

$200 deposit required to book

Pay $400 at your wedding​​


Do not bring more guests, even if you book a wedding at the park/pavilion venue in 2024. 

Unfortunately, we have had too many issues with extra guests.

Happy but disruptive noise from extra guests during subsequent weddings has prevented other couples from hearing their vows. 

There is no time allotted for photos with extra guests - and they WILL want pics with you! This has resulted in some guests not getting photos with the happy couple, which disappoints everyone. 

Extra guests take time to park, enter the venue, have a visit and get ready for the wedding. Extra guests take time to exit after the wedding and get them together for photos. 

This impacts your allotted appointment time and photos and for other weddings in the day. 

Extra guests want to take their own photos of you - of course! We can manage a limited number of friends and family for this. We want your photographer taking your photos - and ready for the next wedding - not waiting til your guests are done and telling you your photo session is now over because your guests were doing their thing. 

Issues with extra guests have made other couple's weddings run late, delayed photos which need to be done in daylight and prevented the happy couple from having all the photos they paid for. 

Couples often have dinner reservations or plans after their wedding which are delayed when we've been forced to deal with guests in excess of what couples booked.

Extra guests have had a negative impact on the service we provide for other couple's weddings.

We want everyone's wedding to be their best day ever.  

​Our packages are just the right size for us to do that. 

We will NOT conduct your wedding if you bring extra guests and there will be no refund. Yes, even to the park. We know that Aunt Mildred on the bench with her purse and disposable camera is here for your wedding :) 

Please respect the contract we have with you so everyone can have their wedding without more stress.

If you have 1 or 2 extra guests, contact us to see how we can accommodate them. We will do everything we reasonably can to help. 

And, if you have way more friends and family than you thought would want to attend - GREAT!  We're happy to assist you in getting your phone set up so they can attend virtually or you can record the ceremony.